After years of heartbreak from past relationships I thought my time had finally arrived and that I had found “the one”. Everything I had ever wanted in a partner. My soul mate.
Turns out I was wrong; I’d just got hooked by a predator and became victim of a real life sociopath.
Ive decided to start blogging/documenting as a way of mentally releasing all of the thoughts that’s have been crashing around in my head since the realisation hit me (approx 11days ago) that my boyfriend is an actual sociopath. It’s a delicate subject to voice out loud. Not many people understand it. Least of all know such a thing exisits! Plus there’s only so much frustration that the handful of people in my life that I have told can handle before they start throttling me!
In blogging and telling my story maybe it might be of some help/support to anyone out there that might have stumbled across this page who have also fallen victim to this type of predator; you are not alone. 

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