The morning of the 5th Feb 2017 had finally arrived. Darren caught his flight from HK on the 4th and was due to land in the early hours of the morning. I had planned to surprise him at the airport as i had all of his flight details to hand.. but there had been some kind of flooding at his flat in Aldgate whilst he was away which he had waiting to be dealt with on his return. We hadn’t wanted to waste any more time waiting and had planned to see each other as soon as he landed and go for breakfast. But we decided it would be better for him to get back, sort out the chaos in his flat and then meet later that morning for brunch.

Into the Uber i got, it was about 9am and I had been out for a friend Hen Do the night previously so i was pretty tired, not ideal but nothing could damper my excitement. I had butterflies in my stomach the entire journey – a mere 20mins.

Typically the uber driver dropped me off in the wrong part of Petty Coat Lane so i had to call Darren to come and find me in the middle of the market. It was one of those ‘i can see you!’ but i couldn’t see him moments… and then there he was right there in front of me. There wasn’t any doubt in my mind at that precise moment that i wasn’t exactly where i was meant to be with the person i was meant to be with i was happy. inside and out. As soon as we were in front of each other we kissed. And it felt amazing. From that moment on we were inseparable…

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