Right from that first kiss we were inseparable.. We spent all day and all night together basking in simply being next to each other after such a long time of longing to be together..

Was he too good to be true..? In my eyes here was a man that wanted me so much he spent nearly two years persisting for my attention. And it turned out he was in fact everything i had ever wished for in a man. How lucky were we to have gone two years without realising we were meant to be together. He regularly used to state that we were soul mates and how everything happens for a reason, including us both taking our time to reach each other and be at a point in both our lives where we were ready for the real thing. He understood that when he first came along i had not long come out of a relationship. I understood (or at least tried-it still niggled at me that he was never completely there and vanished randomly and often because he was with someone else) when he explained his reason was down to ‘work’ keeping him busy and not feeling that anyone was worth the effort of disrupting it and that when someone worthy came along he would make them a priority (sound familiar?)

He was handsome (albeit much skinnier than the usual type that i am attracted to) he dressed so sharp, witty charming and confident. Had a good job and a very extravagant lifestyle because of it (the man could easily take home 12K a WEEK from work – which he regularly showed me!) Whilst we were out women would turn their heads to look at him. Waitresses would literally drop trays having lost concentration because of his presence. It was insane. But he was mine so it never bothered me.

He said our relationship would be the kind that every on looker would be envious of. How we would be the ultimate power couple and have it all. He was encouraging with my career. Having both become home owners at a young age (age of 20. Im 32 and he 36) we both knew what it was like to have big responsibilities at a young age and have to live on a very tight budget in order to meet the financial responsibilities of owning a home, solo and so young. This was another thing we had in common.  Obviously through the years his work meant that he didnt have to live like that anymore. He never counted money and i would always find random notes of cash just discarded like an old receipt around his flat. This man had no limitations. And he wanted me in his world to share all the things that he enjoyed with him.

The amount that we shared in common was astounding. Countless times he would say ‘we are more alike than I could ever have imagined. We’re meant to be’

Early on in the relationship as in the first week (in fact even before our first meet) the I love yous came pretty soon. Actually i remember one morning after i had left him to go to work he called me (this was normal, calls throughout the day even) he asked me ‘did i hear you correctly last night when we were making love?’

I literally had no idea what he was talking about and wondered if i had made some kind of bodily noises (haha)

According to him, whilst we made love the night before i had whispered the words ‘i love you’ to him… and he had said them back to me (this would have been the first time id said it) but i couldn’t remember?! i didn’t think i did? im sure i didn’t!? My walls have always been up with those three words whenever iv been in a relationship and iv never said them first to anyone before… could i really have been that in love that i had blurted it out? My confusion was clear and he sounded disappointed. Which made me feel overcome with guilt.

Later on that day i was replying to one of many email exchanges and told him ‘i love you’ After that we wouldn’t go a day without saying it to each other.

I was so happy and content; i felt loved, wanted and understood more than i ever had done before in my life. This was the man i was going to spend my life with. And he wanted to spend his with me too.

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